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Sacramento Delta Levees: Radar-based monitoring from 41,000 feet

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NASA’s Dr. Cathleen Jones discusses an ongoing pilot study that uses radar technology to monitor Delta levees Monitoring levees is currently done using ground-level observations and instrumentation, but with over a thousand miles of levees in the Delta, remote sensing could turn out to be a game-changing technology for determining the health and status of levees on a broad scale. […]

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Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee, part 3: Interagency Crackdown on Aquatic Invasive Weeds in the Delta

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This past year, invasive weeds in the Delta were likely the worst it’s ever been, with the low flows due to the drought and lack of cold, freezing temperatures allowing the invasive  water hyacinth to proliferate and choke much of the Delta’s waterways. Water hyacinth is the most visible of the Delta’s invasive weed problem, creating dense mats up to […]

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Delta Challenges Workshop, part 1: Delta land use, levees, and agricultural economics

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Four former Delta lead scientists take on a challenge: Describe the Delta’s challenges, complexities, and controversies in just 20 pages The mission, should you choose to accept it, is this, they said: “Prepare a report in which they will describe concisely why the Delta is such a complex system, what is known with confidence about the major stressors and stressor […]

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Understanding California’s Bay Delta in 63 Photos

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  Take a photo tour of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta … From yours truly, posted at KCET: “In the world of California water, much of the conversation — nay: argument, really — centers on this place called the Delta. Northern Californians think Southern Californians want to drain it dry. Southern Californians, for the most part, don’t even know where the […]

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The Delta Landscapes project: Creating a spatial framework to inform restoration planning

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A new report uses landscape metrics in both the historical and contemporary Delta to help define, design, and evaluate functional, resilient landscapes for the estuary’s future The state of California has set ambitious restoration goals for restoration of the Delta’s ecosystem as embodied in the Delta Plan; those goals include restoring large areas of interconnected habitats within the Delta and […]

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This just in … Legislative Analyst’s Office releases new report, “Achieving State Goals for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta”

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From the Legislative Analyst’s Office, a new 32-page report, “Achieving State Goals for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  From the Executive Summary: “The Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta (Delta) is a biodiverse ecosystem that covers about 1,150 square miles and supports over 700 species of fish and wildlife. The Delta is an important source of water for the state and is used to […]

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