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Maven’s Notebook gratefully acknowledges the contributions from the following organizations and individuals who make continued operation of Maven’s Notebook and the California Water Library possible

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Maven’s Notebook also gratefully acknowledges the support from California Water Impact Network, William Brinton, Donald Bransford, California Citrus Mutual, California Farm Bureau, Christina Swanson/NRDC Science Center, City of Sacramento, Contra Costa Water District, Maricopa Orchards LLC, Philip Webster, Somachs Simmons and Dunn, Terra Bella Ranch, Upper San Gabriel Valley MWD, and the other 560 of you who donated, as well as all of the club members.

Please know that I appreciate every dollar!

Initial seed funding for the early years of Maven’s Notebook was provided by the Rose Foundation for the Communities and the Environment, for which we will be eternally grateful.

A huge heartfelt thank you to all donors and sponsors for your support of independent and unbiased reporting on California water issues.

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