Sacramento Delta Levees: Radar-based monitoring from 41,000 feet

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NASA’s Dr. Cathleen Jones discusses an ongoing pilot study that uses radar technology to monitor Delta levees Monitoring levees is currently done using ground-level observations and instrumentation, but with over a thousand miles of levees in the Delta, remote sensing could turn out to be a game-changing technology for determining the health and status of levees on a broad scale. […]

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Delta Science Program Peer Review: Delta Levee Investment Strategy Methodology

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An expert review panel evaluates the methodology behind the development of the Delta Levee Investment Strategy Note: This post is quite long; it is available for downloading as a pdf (with essential graphics only) here:  DLIS Workshop PDF The 2009 Delta Reform Act created the Delta Stewardship Council and directed it to do a number of things, among them to […]

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Delta Challenges Workshop, part 1: Delta land use, levees, and agricultural economics

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Four former Delta lead scientists take on a challenge: Describe the Delta’s challenges, complexities, and controversies in just 20 pages The mission, should you choose to accept it, is this, they said: “Prepare a report in which they will describe concisely why the Delta is such a complex system, what is known with confidence about the major stressors and stressor […]

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Flood management oversight hearing, part 2: The Who, What, Where & Why of Flood Control in the Central Valley

Sacramento River at the Fremont Weir Mar 2011 #30

Legislators hear from the multiple agencies and organizations with flood management responsibilities in the Central Valley In the Central Valley, there are 1600 miles of levees in the state-federal flood system (otherwise known as the State Plan of Flood Control), as well as many more miles of levees that are not part of the state-federal flood system but are included […]

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Yolo Bypass Symposium, part 1: A flood of plans and possibilities

Flooding in the Yolo Bypass 2011

Symposium focuses on how to integrate agriculture, wildlife, and public access on the managed floodplain In between Sacramento and Davis lies the Yolo Bypass, a narrow strip of land 40 miles long and 3 miles wide. Capable of carrying four times the flow of the Sacramento River, the bypass is part of a larger flood control system that performs the […]

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Delta Levee Investment Strategy Update: Delta Stewardship Council accepts the Delta Levee Investment Issue Paper

The San Joaquin - Sacramento delta, as seen from a ship traveling through the Stockton Ship Channel on September 24, 2013.

The Delta Stewardship Council votes to unanimously accept the Delta Levee Investment Issue Paper, setting the framework for upcoming policy discussions The Delta Levee Investment Strategy project is an 18-month multi-agency effort led by the Delta Stewardship Council to update priorities for state investments in Delta levees. The strategy is intended to guide the ongoing investment of State funds that […]

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Winter Season Preview: Is the Delta ready?


A ‘monster’ storm is bearing down on Northern California, the likes of which we’ve not seen in years, reports say.  And while the rain is welcome and sorely needed, too much water can cause flooding problems.  Is the Delta region ready? At the November 20th meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, the Council heard from state and local officials about […]

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Delta Levee Investment Strategy update: Presentation and discussion of the Levee Investment Issue Paper

Fig 1 Delta Flood Management Facilities

At the September meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, Deputy Executive Officer Cindy Messer updated the council on the progress of the development of the Delta levee investment strategy. The focus of this month’s update is an issue paper that staff have drafted and is currently being circulated for public review. The issue paper has been prepared at the Council’s […]

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Delta Stewardship Council endorses habitat restoration issue paper; an update on the Delta Levee Investment Strategy

Big Break, Oakley, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Photo by Chris Austin. All rights reserved.

At the August meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, council members spent the morning touring the Antioch Dunes and Dutch Slough restoration projects in the western Delta. After lunch, they reconvened at the Big Break Visitors Center in Oakley to discuss endorsement of a new habitat restoration issue paper and hear an update on where the Council staff is with […]

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Delta Stewardship Council hears updates on the Delta Levee Prioritization Strategy and Delta Plan performance measures

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At the July 25 meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council, staff updated the council members on the progress made on both the Delta Levee Prioritization Strategy and the development of Delta Plan performance measures. This is the second of three part coverage from the July meeting of the Delta Stewardship Council. Part 1 is here:  Independent science panels present findings […]

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