THIS JUST IN … Planning and Conservation League releases report: Updating California water laws to address drought and climate change

From the Planning and Conservation League:

Summers are getting hotter. Rain and snowpack are disappearing, and water reserves are shrinking. This reduction of readily available, adequate water resources is creating a crisis that directly harms Californians and our environment. 

We have developed a set of recommendations on how our water laws can be updated to address the impacts of drought and climate change. As you will see when you read the recommendations, this is not a “blow up the water rights boxes” approach. Rather it is a focused approach to updating existing laws, regulations, and funding.

It is also important to note that we recognize these recommendations can and should be carefully scrutinized and refined in the various public processes. Some are more detailed all the way to the proposed legislative language. Others are more generally described. Although we gave them the best consideration we could in the time available, there will undoubtedly be additional drafting and implementation issues that will need to be considered. Also, we recognize that this is not a complete list of all needed upgrades. We hope that others will add their contributions to the process.

Click here to read/download the report.

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