Drought, climate change, and California water management

Coulterville DWR

Climate change will stress all aspects of our water management system, particularly the Delta; however, multiple strategies do exist to minimize the effects, says Dr. Ted Grantham The ongoing and extensive drought has had an effect on all aspects of California’s natural environment and agricultural resources, but it may be a sign of things to come.  Most climate change research […]

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David Sedlak: 4 ways we can avoid a catastrophic drought

Sedlak opening slide

David Sedlak talks about how cities can build reliable water supplies that can withstand drought and climate change As the world’s climate patterns continue to shift unpredictably, places where drinking water was once abundant may soon find reservoirs dry and groundwater aquifers depleted. In this TEDx talk, given by civil and environmental engineer David Sedlak, shares four practical solutions to […]

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Climate variability and change: Trends and impacts on California agriculture

climate change crops sliderbox

Dr. Tapan Pathak looks at how climate variability, increasing temperatures, and changing precipitation could affect California agriculture In this presentation, Dr. Tapan Pathak, a Cooperative Extension Specialist with University of California Division of Ag and Natural Resources, discusses climate variability and climate impacts on California agriculture. Dr. Tapan Pathak began with some basic facts about California agriculture.  California has 76,400 […]

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Climate change and the potential effects on water operations

Folsom Lake drought sliderbox

PCWA’s Andy Fecko looks at what projections for sea level rise and warming temperatures could potentially mean for water operations at Folsom and in the Delta Climate change models predict a wide range of impacts that a warming climate will bring; most often discussed are warming temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, reduced snowpack, and rising sea levels.  In this presentation from […]

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Dr. Peter Gleick: The (past, present, and) future of water

PCL Gleick Sliderbox

Dr. Gleick shares his vision for a sustainable water future for California, and gives his recommendations on how to achieve it At the February 27th Planning and Conservation League annual symposium, The Future Is Now, panel discussions and presentations focused on land use, water, and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The Planning and Conservation League is a non-profit organization […]

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Building resilient landscapes into flood protection and infrastructure projects

Hamilton Air Force

Integrated approaches are the great challenge, but also the best hope In the Bay Area, preparing for climate change impacts is one of several drivers leading flood protection agencies to pursue nature-based flood management practices.  As agencies prepare to replace aging infrastructure, the next generation of flood protection can be designed to dampen the impacts of climate change, increase ecosystem […]

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The Tipping Point: How 2016 will shape California’s water future

California Aqueduct through the Central Valley June 2015 #1

SGMA implementation and the spending rules for Prop 1 water storage funds all present important opportunities to change California’s water management practices, say the Union of Concerned Scientists With the state remaining gripped in drought and El Nino not providing the hoped-for relief, drought and climate change impacts are being felt statewide, and the state is poised to address these […]

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Considering climate change in water resources planning

Climate Change impacts

A look at the DWR’s efforts to address climate change impacts, as well as the modeling tools used in climate change analysis Climate change presents critical challenges for California water resources management.  In recognition of this fact, the Department of Water Resources conducts a wide range of climate change activities, including support for climate change analysis and adaptation planning by […]

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Saving salmon in a changing California


Dr. Peter Moyle lays out a six-point plan for helping salmon adapt to California’s warm future We don’t have to accept a future without salmon, but we need to take action now, says Dr. Peter Moyle, Associate Director at the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences.  He laid out the six steps that the state can take to increase the […]

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Gimme Shelter: How habitat restoration can help improve salmon resiliency to climate change

Yolo Bypass Feb 2013 #25

Food supplies and temperature refuges are some of the ways habitat restoration can help salmon adapt to climate change, says Dr. Ted Sommer As California’s climate changes, concern grows for the survival of salmon, but research shows that habitat restoration may be one of the key tools for supporting salmon in the years ahead, says Dr. Ted Sommer, DWR’s Lead […]

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