WEBINAR: Managing California’s Groundwater: Interconnected Surface Waters & Environmental Users

The Local Government Commission and the Groundwater Exchange are excited to launch a three-part webinar series to share key learnings from the Groundwater Leadership Forum’s 2020 Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) review and provide detailed guidance about how GSPs can address specific areas of interest.

This was the first webinar; sign up for the remaining webinars on this page.

This first webinar discussion focused on interconnected surface waters, groundwater dependent ecosystems, and engaging environmental stakeholders in groundwater planning.

Our expert presenters include:

  • Charlotte Stanley, Associate Data Scientist, The Nature Conservancy (c.k.stanley@tnc.org): Charlotte Stanley is a Conservation Technology Associate for The Nature Conservancy. She performs spatial and data analysis for the land, oceans, waters, and cities programs of TNC California and develops web tools to share environmental spatial data to help users implement conservation practices. She recently produced a web tool that shows how variation in urban tree canopy relates to income inequality in major U.S. cities, and is currently on a team developing a greenprint for Southern California which will allow planners to integrate conservation into their decision-making. Charlotte holds an Masters in Environmental Management from the Yale School of the Environment and a B.S. from UCLA in Environmental Science.

  • Melissa Rohde, Groundwater Scientist, The Nature Conservancy (melissa.rohde@tnc.org): Melissa Rohde is Groundwater Scientist for the Nature Conservancy of California. She uses her expertise in biology, hydrology, and water policy to advance sustainable groundwater management. Her research focuses on understanding how Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems function and what groundwater conditions are necessary to maintain ecosystem health. Her work is being used to advise policy and management of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems under California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014. She holds an M.S. in Environmental Engineering and Science from Stanford University and an M.S. in Water Science, Policy and Management from Oxford University.

Webinar resources

Featured resources and tools:

  • More resources for groundwater dependent ecosystems at The Nature Conservancy’s Groundwater Resource Hub
  • Assess changes in groundwater dependent ecosystem health using satellite, rainfall, and groundwater data with The Nature Conservancy’s GDE Pulse.
  • The Natural Flows Database is a tool for predicting natural flows in rivers and streams that include monthly flow and functional flow metrics that represent aspects of the annual flow variation, such as wet-season peak flow or dry-season base flow
  • The ICONS dataset provides information on the depth to groundwater and the likely presence of interconnected surface water (ISW) in the Central Valley.
  • The the SGMA legislative requirements under the CA Water Code can be found hereHere is a checklist.
  • Learn more about the 2020 GSP analysis by clicking here.

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