FREE WEBINAR SERIES: 2022 GSP Educational Webinars: Managing California’s Groundwater Series

The Groundwater Exchange and the Local Government Commission are excited to launch a three-part webinar series to share key learnings from the Groundwater Leadership Forum’s 2020 Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) review and provide detailed guidance about how GSPs can address specific areas of interest. The webinars will begin with brief presentations and be followed by participant Q&A.

Webinar #1: Interconnected Surface Waters and Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems

The first webinar focused on interconnected surface waters, groundwater dependent ecosystems, and engaging environmental stakeholders in groundwater planning.

Our expert presenters were:

  • Charlotte Stanley, Associate Data Scientist, The Nature Conservancy
  • Melissa Rohde, Groundwater Scientist, The Nature Conservancy

Click here for the recording and related webinar resources.

Webinar #2: Drinking Water Needs & Disadvantaged Community Engagement 

The second webinar in the series focused on drinking water needs and disadvantaged community engagement.

Our expert presenters were:

  • Ngodoo Atume, Water Analyst, Clean Water Action
  • Angela Islas, Community Development Specialist, Self-Help Enterprises
  • Amanda Monaco, Policy Coordinator, Leadership Council for Justice Accountability

View webinar recording and resources by clicking here.

Webinar #3: Incorporating Climate Change and Multi-Benefit Projects 

The final webinar focused on incorporating climate change into GSPs and developing multi-benefit projects.

Our expert presenters were:

  • Pablo Ortiz, Climate Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Samantha Arthur, Conservation Project Manager, Audubon Society
  • Ryan Luster, Water Project Director, The Nature Conservancy

View webinar recording and resources by clicking here..

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