SF ESTUARY & WATERSHED SCIENCE: Signs of optimism; Integrating bird conservation in the Delta; Salmon life-cycle models; and sturgeon habitat use

In this edition:


Signs of Optimism Beyond 2020
Samuel N. Luoma


Getting Our Heads Above Water: Integrating Bird Conservation in Planning, Science, and Restoration for a More Resilient Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta
Kristen Dybala, Thomas Gardali, Ron Melcer, Jr.


Using Life-Cycle Models to Identify Monitoring Gaps for Central Valley
Spring–Run Chinook Salmon

Flora Cordoleani, William H. Satterthwaite, Miles E. Daniels, Matthew R. Johnson

Estuarine Habitat Use by White Sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus)
Oliver Patton, Veronica Larwood, Matthew Young, Frederick Feyrer

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About the journalSan Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science is an open access journal providing peer-reviewed research about the complex environmental and water management issues of the Bay‒Delta, linking new science to policy with great effect

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