Aerial view looking South of wetlands on Sherman Island and San Joaquin River background, both part of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in Sacramento County, California. Photo taken March 08, 2019. Ken James / California Department of Water Resources, FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY

WADE CROWFOOT, JARED BLUMENFELD: Rejecting federal proposal, California lays out its vision for protecting endangered species and meeting state water needs

Photo by DWR

Natural Resources Agency Secretary Wade Crowfoot and CA Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Jared Blumenfeld have a commentary up at Cal Matters where they touch on many California water issues, including the water resilience portfolio, the biological opinions, and voluntary agreements.

They write: “California’s water policy can be complex, and—let’s be honest—often polarizing.  Water decisions frequently get distilled into unhelpful narratives of fish versus farms, north versus south, or urban versus rural. Climate change-driven droughts and flooding threats, as well as our divided political climate, compound these challenges.

We must rise above these historic conflicts by finding ways to protect our environment and build water security for communities and agriculture. We need to embrace decisions that benefit our entire state. Simply put, we have to become much more innovative, collaborative and adaptive. … ”

Continue reading this commentary at Cal Matters by clicking here.




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