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And Then What Happened?
Only Maven’s Notebook Tells The
California Water Story from Start to Finish!

In early 2017, during one of the wettest California winters on record, anyone with a pulse stood transfixed in front of a barrage of unsettling news reports.

The main spillway of Oroville, the nation’s tallest dam, was failing. The video was apocalyptic: enormous chunks of concrete and debris flew from a giant crater that had erupted in the main spillway. Over 200,000 people downstream were evacuated as fears grew that the entire dam might crumble.

Then…What Happened?

If you read Maven’s Notebook, you know. Two years after the start of the crisis, the Oroville story ended on April 3 when the beleaguered dam reopened after $1.1 Billion in repairs—and no loss of life.

Here’s the thing: long after national news cameras move on to the next disaster, Maven’s Notebook covers the entire water story, start to finish.

The issues that involve California water are Herculean. Unpredictable rains and droughts, worsening climate change, the demands of agriculture, industry, and private citizens all colliding on the local, regional, state, and national level… Just trying to keep up is daunting. And consider this:

If you had to keep track of all the publications and websites and listserves you’d need to stay on top of water news, you’d never have time to get your job done.

Moreover, if you had to rely only on regular news sources, you’d surely only get bits and pieces of any complex water story, without any context or analysis.

That’s why serious professionals and activists turn to the award-winning Maven’s Notebook to get the entire story—in 10 or 20 minutes a day.

You can count on us to cover hot topics like the demise of the twin tunnels. We’ve been with the issue from the start, back when it was the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, then the California Water Fix—now what, we’re not sure. But whatever happens, visit the Notebook for in-depth coverage.

There is also the ongoing implementation of SGMA. In our deep dive, we’re covering panel discussions where people are talking about how it’s going in different groundwater basins across the state. We’re also covering groundwater issues and presentations at the California Water Commission.

As we cover water news, you’ll find that Maven’s Notebook is refreshingly non-partisan. We don’t advocate any issue. Instead, we are an independent broker of reliable information. The result are facts that will inform your work, expand your knowledge, and shift your perspective.

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