LETTER: Senator Feinstein praises Newsom decision to support a single Delta tunnel project

“I believe it is critical that California build a single tunnel to improve Delta conveyance,” she says.

Last week, Senator Feinstein sent a letter to Governor Newsom praising his decision to revoke approvals of the California Water Fix project and instead proceed towards a single tunnel project.

In her letter, she cited the importance of modernizing the state’s infrastructure to better serve the increased population as well as adapt to climate change.

Along with increased storage, water recycling, and desalination, a single Delta tunnel is a critical piece of modernized water infrastructure,” she writes, listing several advantages she sees in a single tunnel project, including water supply reliability, protection of salmon and water quality, capturing high storm flows, and facilitating water transfers.  “Finally, a tunnel would make the state’s entire water system more flexible and more resilient to handle the lengthy and increasingly severe droughts that are predicted to regularly occur with climate change.”

Read the text of the letter here:  Sen. Feinstein letter to Gov. Newsom re Delta tunnels 050619

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