Cal Water Fix update: State Water Board issues ruling, grants 27-day extension of deadline to submit objections for California Water Fix hearing

Late Friday, the State Water Resources Control Board issued a ruling responding to the multiple requests for an extension of the deadline to submit procedural or evidentiary objections concerning the DWR and Reclamation’s submitted documents outlining their case for the California Water Fix project.

Multiple groups had requested an extension due to the large volume of material that was submitted as well as the modeling information recently made available.

The State Water Resources Control Board has agreed that a 27-day extension of the deadline is warranted, and has granted the extension, as well as relaxed some of the requirements for objections.  The extension is for the deadline only, and not the start of the hearing, which is still scheduled to begin on July 26th.

The State Water Board acknowledges that extending the deadline does reduce the amount of time that DWR and Reclamation will have to respond to objections and the hearing officers have to rule on them before the start of the hearing, and so written rulings may not be issued before the hearing begins, and some objections may be addressed orally in the course of the hearing or in the final order taking action on the petition.

The ruling also clarifies procedures regarding policy statements, cross examination of witnesses, and other procedural matters.

Read the ruling here:  State Water Board Cal Water Fix Ruling, June 10th


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