California Water Commission

Commission 1california water commissionThe California Water Commission is the state agency that advises the Director of Water Resources, approves any new Department rules and regulations, and monitors and reports on the construction and operation of the State Water Project.  The Commission also provides a public forum for discussing the Department’s management and other policies, as well as a general forum for water issues.

The California Water Commission was originally established around the 1950s and remained active up until the late 1990s, at which point terms expired and the Commission was left vacant.  However, the 2009 Delta Reform Act legislation reestablished and invigorated the Commission, directing it to develop tools and methods for the quantification of the public benefits of water storage projects in preparation to disburse bond funds.  Commissioners were appointed to fill the long-vacant seats.

The Commission is made up of nine members appointed by the Governor and approved by the State Senate.  Seven are appointed for expertise on water control, storage, and use, and two are appointed for the knowledge of the environment.  For a list of current Council members, click here.

The Commission meets on the third Wednesday of every month at the Resources Building at 1416 Ninth Street in Sacramento.  Meetings are webcast.

Visit the California Water Commission online at

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