YOUR INPUT WANTED: Delta ISB Review of Food Webs in the Delta

From the Delta Independent Science Board:

The Delta Independent Science Board is seeking input on its draft review, “Exploring scientific and management implications of upper trophic level food webs in the Delta.”

The draft was based on a review of the literature on the subject, public comments on the prospectus and at Delta ISB meetings, and a focused two-day workshop.

The goal of this review is to provide information that would help organizations, including state and federal agencies, assess how to better incorporate and advance food web knowledge in managing the Delta’s ecosystems and to identify what tools are available or should be developed.

Please provide public comments by 11:59 PM on June 7, 2024, via email to, or by mail to the address below.

Delta Independent Science Board
715 P Street, 15-300
Sacramento, CA 95814

Oral comments can also be made at any Delta ISB meeting prior to June 7.


What are food webs?

Food webs describe the trophic (feeding) relationships and flows of energy and nutrients among species in an ecosystem. Upper trophic levels, the focus of this review, include fish, particularly those (e.g., salmon) being actively managed in the ecosystem. Predicting the impacts of habitat restoration, fisheries, changes in environmental drivers (e.g., climate change) and the bioaccumulation of contaminants on species or the ecosystem requires an understanding of food web processes.

Presentations on how understanding these dynamics could help inform management occurred at the Delta ISB’s two-day workshop in November 2023. Recordings for both days can be found on Cal-Span (day 1 recording and day 2 recording).

Dive deeper into food web science

The UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute and the Delta Science Program are hosting a one-day symposium on May 31, 2024, exploring the current state of research on food webs in the San Francisco Estuary and the Pacific Ocean. This symposium aims to convene food web experts to discuss ongoing research, find synergies in approaches and findings, and identify information gaps, with the goal of improving ecosystem-based fisheries management. Dr. Robert Naiman of the Delta ISB will present draft findings and recommendations from the Delta ISB’s food webs review.

The symposium is free to attend, both in person and virtually, but attendees must reserve tickets.

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