Ground view of the Yolo Bypass and the Vic Fazio Wildlife Area looking east toward West Sacramento and Downtown Sacramento. The Yolo Bypass is one of two flood bypasses in the Sacramento Valley located in Yolo and Solano Counties and protects Sacramento and other riverside communities from flooding through a system of weirs. Flood control is the main purpose of the Yolo Bypass and is crossed by the Yolo Causeway. Shot - February 3, 2008. Steve Payer/California Department of Water Resources

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE: The Delta Science Tracker

The Delta Science Tracker is an online tool that hosts a comprehensive inventory of scientific research and monitoring activities conducted in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The website allows users to search for science activities, create visualizations summarizing information about science funding and collaborations, and access reports, publications, and other products generated by these activities.

The Delta Science Tracker is intended to promote communication and transparency of science activities and their outcomes, funding opportunities and decisions, and create opportunities for collaboration.

For more information, visit the newly launched Delta Science Tracker web page linked below and follow #DeltaScienceTracker on social media.

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