Drought, climate change, and California water management

Coulterville DWR

Climate change will stress all aspects of our water management system, particularly the Delta; however, multiple strategies do exist to minimize the effects, says Dr. Ted Grantham The ongoing and extensive drought has had an effect on all aspects of California’s natural environment and agricultural resources, but it may be a sign of things to come.  Most climate change research […]

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The latest issue of the San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science journal now available

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Special issue includes the first five chapters of the State of Bay Delta Science 2016 and more … The latest issue of the San Francisco Estuary Watershed & Science is now available.  In this issue: RESEARCH Historical and Future Relations Between Large Storms and Droughts in California Michael Dettinger DOI  // URL A Water Balance Model to Estimate Flow Through the […]

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Delta smelt symposium, part 4: Panel discussion: What is the path forward among considerable uncertainty?

Panel 1

Panel of experts share their visions and options for the future of the Delta and longfin smelt Coverage of the Delta and longfin smelt symposium, Is Extinction Inevitable?, continues It’s been a full day of presentations; conference attendees have been given the background on the decline of the Delta and longfin smelt, a long list of potential causes, and a […]

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Delta smelt symposium, part 3: The path forward: Climate change, recovery planning, and restoration

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Presenters discuss climate change, extinction, artificial propagation and stocking, and tidal marsh restoration Coverage of the Delta and longfin smelt symposium, Is Extinction Inevitable?, continues The second round of presenters provided a long list of potential causes for species decline, and conference attendees weren’t feeling very optimistic.  Is there anything we can do to preserve and restore the species?  In […]

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Delta smelt symposium, part 2: Causal links to population declines and data gaps

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Could it be water exports, predation, food web, contaminants, drought … ? Coverage of the Delta and longfin smelt symposium, Is Extinction Inevitable?, continues … The first round of presenters at the Delta smelt symposium have shown us that although we’ve learned a lot about the Delta and longfin smelt, their populations are still declining; however, the population genetics do […]

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Symposium coverage, part 1: Delta and longfin smelt: Is extinction inevitable?

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Part 1 of coverage of symposium covers what we know and don’t know about the Delta and longfin smelt Is extinction inevitable for the Delta and longfin smelt?  Despite extensive efforts and expense investigating potential causes of their decline, their numbers have reached an all-time low, particularly for the Delta smelt.  These species are listed as threatened through state and […]

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Factors controlling the abundance and distribution of species in the Bay-Delta system

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At a recent State Water Board meeting, Delta Lead Scientist Dr. Cliff Dahm summarizes four recent scientific reports on the fishes, flows, and other stressors in the Delta The stated mission of the Delta Science Program is to provide the best possible scientific information to inform water and environmental decisions in the Bay Delta estuary.  This includes organizing peer reviews […]

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Planning & Conservation League Symposium: What is happening in the Delta this year?

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Panelists share different perspectives on the troubled estuary At the Planning and Conservation League’s annual symposium held earlier this year, one of the panel discussions focused on the Delta.  The panel discussion was not centered around the California Water Fix (more commonly known as the Delta tunnels project), but instead each panelist gave a different perspective on the estuary. The […]

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Improving adaptive management in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

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Report looks at how adaptive management is perceived and used in the Delta, and how it might be applied more efficiently and effectively The Delta Independent Science Board was created by the 2009 Delta Reform Act and charged with providing oversight of the scientific programs that support adaptive management of the Delta through period reviews, and providing a report to […]

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Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee, Pt 2: An update on California Eco Restore and the Yolo Bypass

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Agency officials discuss the progress made towards Eco Restore’s goal of 30,000 acres; Committee is also updated on the ongoing collaborative effort in the Yolo Bypass The Delta Plan Interagency Implementation Committee (DPICC) held the second of two semi-annual meetings on November 16 in Sacramento.  The Committee is comprised of eighteen heads of the state, federal, and local agencies that […]

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