ANNOUNCEMENT: New Drought-Related Features Added to Domestic and Irrigation Well Dashboards on California’s Groundwater Live

From the Department of Water Resources:

The Department of Water Resources (DWR, Department) has added two new drought-related features to the Domestic Well and Irrigation Well Dashboards within California’s Groundwater Live.

The first new feature is a series of new interactive well density layers that summarize the number of domestic and irrigation well completion reports (WCRs) received by the Department. These layers allow users to view the density of wells installed over four distinct time periods: Since 1977, Last 5-Years, Last 3-Years, and Last 1-Year. Users can toggle between time periods to see how well density has changed over time across California and in their local areas.  

The other new feature has added monthly well statistics for both domestic and irrigation types. This feature allows users to compare the number of new domestic and irrigation wells installed month-by-month since 1977. Users can see how the number of new well installations has changed over time both Statewide and within any County or Groundwater Basin due to climatic conditions, seasonal trends, and other factors.   

For questions or more information about California’s Groundwater Live or these new features, email

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