Mike Demspey, control systems technician, California Department of Water Resources, collects water samples and turbidity data to protect the fish and water supply along the Sacramento River. Photo by Florence Low / CDWR

CAMT: Assessment of Reviews of Long-term Monitoring Programs and Objectives

The CAMT Assessment of Long-term Monitoring Program Reviews and Objectives (Assessment) was initiated in September 2021 to understand the approaches, findings, and recommendations of previous and ongoing reviews of long-term monitoring programs and to articulate the objectives of CSAMP members with respect to monitoring.

Information from the Assessment will inform future CSAMP discussions aimed at catalyzing improvements to the long-term monitoring network of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta.

This document summarizes Task 1 of the Assessment and is based on the presentations from leaders of review efforts included in the Assessment and CAMT member discussions at workshops held on October 26 and October 28, 2021.

Prepared by: Louise Conrad and Jennica Moffat, Delta Science Program of the Delta Stewardship Council for the Collaborative Adaptive Management Team

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