Delta Conveyance Project Updates: Planning and New Materials

From the Department of Water Resources:

2022 Public Engagement Outlook
The upcoming year will mark an important milestone in the proposed Delta Conveyance Project planning process with the anticipated release of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for public review and comment in mid-2022. To outline the public outreach and engagement activities planned for 2022, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) has put together a plan that details these actions intended to improve public access to information and participation in the public review process. Read more about the plan here.

NEW Informational Webinars Materials Now Available
As follow-up to the four informational webinars held between July and September 2021 to provide background information related to preparation of the Draft EIR for the proposed Delta Conveyance Project, DWR has prepared and published digital articles highlighting the information provided during each webinar:

As a reminder, all other information and resources from the webinars, including the presentations (in English and Spanish), videos (in English and Spanish) and a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions document can be found on the project website.

NEW Delta Conveyance Deep Dive Video Published
The Delta Conveyance Deep Dive video series, which features interviews with experts on complex project-related topics such as financing, seismic risk and building the tunnel, has published a new video on fisheries:

The full list can be viewed on the Delta Conveyance Project Deep Dive Videos page.

ICYMI: State Water Contractors’ Video on Project Purpose and Benefits 
The Delta Conveyance Project: Securing California’s Water Future

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