Water IS a gift!

It’s here…the season of sharing and gratitude; of holidays with family and friends; of the giving and receiving of gifts.

In the spirit of these holidays, don’t forget to acknowledge the gift we all receive throughout the year from nature. The precious gift of water!

Some folks take this precious gift for granted. But you know that nature’s most precious gift is fast becoming a scarce resource– increasingly threatened by drought, wildfires, and pollution. You understand the gravity of the water crisis and realize that the problem is serious. Having complete, unbiased, timely and accurate reporting of all water issues, most importantly the ones not covered by the major media outlets, is important to you.

That’s why Maven’s Notebook pulls together, sifts through, and succinctly presents all of California’s water news each and every day. So folks like you, who care about our critical water issues, can stay up-to-date on the growing water crisis!

Whether it’s understanding the Delta Conveyance, knowing what’s happening on the implementation of the Ground Water Act or dealing with the impact of a winter that’s too wet or too dry- Maven’s Notebook will make sure that you have the information you need in 2022.

To the many of you who supported Maven’s Notebook in 2021-a heartfelt Thank You!

But your continued support is needed for 2022. I know it’s a big ASK, but please consider making another end-of-year gift to support our work in the coming year.

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Maven’s Notebook is a non-profit program that is not funded by grants or endowment. We depend on generous folks like you who value our work and choose to support it. So please, take a moment right now to make a gift to support Maven’s Notebook in 2022.

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I hope we can count on your support for 2022. Maven’s Notebook will be very grateful for any level of support you can provide. No matter how small. Every donation contributes greatly to our work on California water issues.

On a personal note, I’d like to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and all the best in the coming year.

With sincere gratitude,


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