IEP NEWSLETTER: Zooplankton trends, Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Protram, Seasonal monitoring report for IEP surveys; and more …

The Winter Volume 40, Issue 1 Supplemental, 2021 edition of the IEP Newsletter collates submissions received from the fall of last year up until a few months ago. It includes the following articles:

  • Zooplankton Trends in the Upper SFE, 1974-2018
  • Mysid and Amphipod Length-Weight Relationships in the San Francisco Estuary
  • 2018 Delta Juvenile Fish Monitoring Program Resident Fishes Status and Trends
  • An Online Seasonal Monitoring Report for Major Interagency Ecological Program Surveys
  • 2020 Spring Kodiak Trawl Summary
  • 2020 Smelt Larva Survey Summary
  • Discrete Water Quality Monitoring, 2018
  • Benthic Monitoring, 2019
  • 2018 and 2019 20-mm Survey
2021 Vol 40 Issue 1_IEP Newsletter
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