SCIENCE PUBLICATION: Wetland Restoration: Contemporary Issues and Lessons Learned

From the Association of Wetland Managers:

There is general agreement among restoration professionals that the science exists to achieve restoration goals and that wetland restoration performance will improve if certain barriers are addressed. Many lessons have been learned over the past 50 years and there are wetland professionals throughout the country who have found methods to effectively address these barriers.

However, much of this information is stored in the minds of those who have learned these lessons over time. Our intent with this paper is to disseminate this information, provide guidance for improving restoration outcomes and to identify practical solutions for those who can implement them.

This white paper was developed with guidance from a national expert work group in order to disseminate this information, present potential solutions to restoration challenges and barriers, and recommend specific actions that can be taken to improve wetland restoration outcomes.

Note:  Publication date is August 2017.

Click here to download white paper.

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