SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY AND WATERSHED SCIENCE: Salmon disease and mortality, Agricultural floodplain habitat, Multi-species fish passage, and more …

In this issue of San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science:


How to Respond? An Introduction to Current Bay–Delta Natural Resources Management Options
Ted Sommer


Disease in Central Valley Salmon: Status and Lessons from Other Systems
Brendan M. Lehman, Rachel C. Johnson, Mark Adkison, Oliver T. Burgess, Richard E. Connon, Nann A. Fangue, J. Scott Foott, Sascha L. Hallett, Beatriz Martinez–López, Kristina M. Miller, Maureen K. Purcell, Nicholas A. Som, Pablo Valdés Donoso, Alison L. Collins


Reconsidering the Estimation of Salmon Mortality Caused by the State and Federal Water Export Facilities in the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta, San Francisco Estuary
Andrew Jahn and William Kier

Farm to Fish:  Lessons from a Multi-Year Study on Agricultural Floodplain Habitat
Ted Sommer, Brian Schreier, J. Louise Conrad, Lynn Takata, Bjarni Serup, Rob Titus, Carson Jeffres, Eric Holmes, Jacob Katz

Forage Fish Larvae Distribution and Habitat Use During Contrasting Years of Low and High Freshwater Flow in the San Francisco Estuary
Lenny Grimaldo, Jillian Burns, Robert E. Miller, Andrew Kalmbach, April Smith, Jason Hassrick, Colin Brennan

Considerations for Multi-Species Fish Passage in California: A Literature Review
Zoltan Matica

Volume 18, Issue 2  |  June 2020 


Spawn Timing of Winter-Run Chinook Salmon in the Upper Sacramento River
Eva Dusek Jennings, A. Noble Hendrix
Following publication of this article in Volume 18 Issue 2, an error was discovered in the form of Equation 2 on page 5. The error was corrected online on June 25, 2020, and does not affect the analysis and conclusions of the research. For a more detailed explanation and access to the corrected article, please follow either link to the article below.

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