SFEWS: Delta smelt predation; Central Valley surface water diversions; Predicting juvenile salmon fish routing, Sacramento River predator diet analysis

In this edition of the San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science Journal:


Did a Shifting Ecological Baseline Mask the Predatory Effect of Striped Bass on Delta Smelt?
Matthew L. Nobriga, William E. Smith


Climate and Land-Use Controls on Surface Water Diversions in the Central Valley, California
Jordan P. Goodrich, Daniel R. Cayan, David W. Pierce

Combining Models of the Critical Streakline and the Cross-Sectional Distribution of Juvenile Salmon to Predict Fish Routing at River Junctions
Dalton J. Hance, Russell W. Perry, Jon R. Burau, Aaron Blake, Paul Stumpner, Xiaochung Wang, Adam Pope

Sacramento River Predator Diet Analysis: A Comparative Study
Dylan K. Stompe, Jason D. Roberts, Carlos A. Estrada, David M. Keller, Nicholas M. Balfour, Amanda I. Banet

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