STATE WATER PROJECT CONTRACT EXTENSTION: DWR Approves Water Supply Contract Extension Project

From the Department of Water Resources:

The Director of the Department of Water Resources on December 11, 2018 approved the Water Supply Contract Extension Project. In accordance with CEQA, DWR also filed its Notice of Determination for the Project with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research. In addition, the Director signed the Contract Extension Amendment with The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

The documents related to the project approval can be found in the Water Supply Contract Extension Project website: .

On December 11, 2018, DWR also filed an action in Sacramento County Superior Court to validate the Contract Extension Amendments. The complaint filed in that action may also be found on the above website.

RELATED:  Letter from Roger Moore to DWR and individual state water contractors, including Metropolitan Water District and Santa Clara Valley Water District regarding contract extension amendments

This letter discusses the implications of the confirmation in a recent legislative hearing (the September 11 Joint Legislative Budget Committee hearing) DWR’s director and other witnesses that DWR seeks to use the proposed contract extension amendments to facilitate WaterFix.  The letter explains why some feel it would be premature for DWR or individual contractors to take final action on the extension amendments, in light of pending issues in the WaterFix proceedings.

Read the letter here:  Letter re contract extension 12-11-18 no exhibits


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