WATER STORAGE INVESTMENT PROGRAM: California Water Commission prepares for the final round …

Commissioners to decide at July 24 meeting the funding for each project; Eligible amounts exceed the available amount by $146 million

From the California Water Commission:

The California Water Commission will hold a meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday July 24, 2018 in Sacramento, California.

Please see the agenda for meeting details: https://cwc.ca.gov/Pages/2018/07_July/Agenda.aspx

The meeting will be webcast live at: http://cal-span.org/unipage/index.php?site=cal-span&meeting=2019&owner=CWC

Pursuant to section 6011(g) of the Water Storage Investment Program regulations, the project ranks, suggested maximum conditional eligibility amounts, and early funding request amounts are shown below.  This table may be found at the following link: https://cwc.ca.gov/Documents/2018/WSIP/RankTable_Final.pdf


Summary of Application Rank and Early Funding Requests


(By Score)


Expected Return for Public Investment Score

(Maximum 100)

Rank Commission-Approved Eligible Amount

May 2018

Applicant Request

May 2018

Suggested Maximum Conditional Eligibility Determination (MCED)1 Early Funding Request from Application2
Pacheco Reservoir Expansion Project 82 2 $484,550,000 $484,550,000 $484,550,000 $24,200,000
South County Ag Program 77 2 $280,530,000 $280,500,000 $280,500,000 None Requested
Los Vaqueros Reservoir Expansion Project 76 2 $459,000,000 $459,000,000 $459,000,000 $13,650,309
Temperance Flat Reservoir Project 73 2 $171,330,000 $171,330,000 $171,330,000 $22,075,000
Chino Basin Conjunctive Use Program 70 2 $206,900,000 $206,900,000 $206,900,000 None Requested
Sites Project 61 3 $1,008,280,000 $916,620,000 3 $45,925,500
Kern Fan Groundwater Storage Project 54 3 $85,660,000 $85,700,0004 3 None Requested
Willow Springs Water Bank 53 3 $123,290,000 $123,290,000 3 None Requested
      Subtotal Rank 2 $1,602,280,000    
      Subtotal Rank 3 $1,125,570,000    
      Total Request $2,727,850,000    
      Total Available $2,581,600,000    
  Difference between Available and Request ($146,250,000)    


1California Water Commission will make final MCEDs and Early Funding Decisions at its July 2018 meeting.

2Early funding for completion of environmental documents and permits as requested in the application.  The maximum early funding amount per project is limited to 5% of the Commission approved MCED.

3Staff cannot make a preliminary MCED for rank 3 projects (Regulations Section 6010 (e)(5)); the Commission may assign rank 3 MCEDs.

4Applicant request exceeds Commission-approved eligible amount. The Commission-approved eligible amount was used to calculate the Rank 3 subtotal and total request.

For more information about the California Water Commission, please visit our website at: www.cwc.ca.gov



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