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A lot of people have strong opinions about California’s complex water issues.

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As a reader, you know that Maven’s Notebook is the only online resource dedicated to providing day-by-day (sometimes hour by hour) updates and unbiased reporting on every aspect of California water. We cover everything from hot topics like the California WaterFix, Oroville Dam Spillway, and Bay Delta Water Quality Control Plan to less high-profile (but just as critical) reports on California legislative oversight hearings. And so much more.

Maven’s Notebook is refreshingly non-partisan. We don’t advocate any issue. Instead, we are an independent broker of reliable information. You’ll find…

  • Aggregated web content–“must-read” articles from mainstream media, blog commentary, reports, press releases and more. Everything you need, in one place, updated continuously.
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The result is information that will inform your work, expand your knowledge, and shift your perspective.

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