THIS JUST IN … Governor Brown sends letter to Metropolitan Board of Directors, urging their support of the full Cal Water Fix project

Governor Jerry Brown has sent a letter to the Metropolitan Board of Directors, urging their support for the full California Water Fix project.

In the letter he praises their perseverance over the last decade, and asks them not to back away now.  He writes, “Staging its construction may seem plausible, but it will actually risk serious delay in permitting and jeopardize the entire project. Overall costs, would, of course, rise. That is why I urge the Board to support the full project – without delay.

Read the full letter here:  Brown letter Cal Water Fix

Tunnel opponents and proponents alike are gearing up for the meeting tomorrow: Restore the Delta, Food and Water Watch, LA Streamkeeper, and the Southern California Water Committee among those encouraging their constituents to attend the meeting.

Should make for an interesting day tomorrow, so stay tuned …


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