CAL WATER FIX HEARING: Ruling letter for March 27

The State Water Resources Control Board, California Water Fix Hearing Team has released the latest ruling letter on the Cal Water Fix hearing.

This ruling addresses objections to several Department of Water Resources (DWR) exhibits as well as DWR’s responses to cross-examination that we allowed Patrick Porgans to conduct in writing. We are excluding DWR-1143 subject to the direction provided below, overruling Deirdre Des Jardins’ objections to DWR modeling testimony and exhibits, and granting Mr. Porgans’ motion to strike DWR’s responses to his written cross-examination, subject to the direction provided below. The disposition of Petitioners’ Part 2 case-in-chief exhibits will be addressed in a future ruling.”

Read the ruling letter here:  20180327 ruling letter


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