SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY & WATERSHED SCIENCE: Water wasted to sea?; Is extinction inevitable for Delta and longfin smelt?; Adaptive management in the Delta; and more …

The July 2017 issue of the San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science is now available online.

In this month's edition:


Water Wasted to the Sea?
James E. Cloern, Jane Kay, Wim Kimmerer, Jeffrey Mount, Peter B. Moyle, and Anke Mueller–Solger

Is Extinction Inevitable for Delta Smelt and Longfin Smelt? An Opinion and Recommendations for Recovery
James A. Hobbs, Peter B. Moyle, Nann Fangue, and Richard E. Connon


Facilitating Adaptive Management in California’s Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta
John A. Wiens, Joy B. Zedler, Vincent H. Resh, Tracy K. Collier, Stephen Brandt, Richard B. Norgaard, Jay R. Lund, Brian Atwater, Elizabeth Canuel, and Harindra J. Fernando

Quantifying Trade-Offs Among Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity, and Agricultural Returns in an Agriculturally Dominated Landscape Under Future Land-Management Scenarios
Emma C. Underwood, Rachel A. Hutchinson, Joshua H. Viers, T. Rodd Kelsey, Trisha Distler, and Jaymee Marty

Evaluation and Interpretation of Genetic Effective Population Size of Delta Smelt from 2011–2014
Amanda J. Finger, Gregg Schumer, Alyssa Benjamin, and Scott Blankenship

Long-Term Surveys Show Invasive Overbite Clams (Potamocorbula amurensis) are Spatially Limited in Suisun Marsh, California
Jason Baumsteiger, Robert E. Schroeter, Teejay A. O’Rear, Jonathan D. Cook, and Peter B. Moyle

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