SF ESTUARY AND WATERSHED SCIENCE: Delta flow dynamics and water quality, levee system, nutrient dynamics, contaminants, and more …


Recent Advances in Understanding Flow Dynamics and Transport of
Water-Quality Constituents in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta  
David H. Schoellhamer, Scott A. Wright, Stephen G. Monismith, and Brian A.
Bergamaschi  DOI // URL
An Overview of Multi-Dimensional Models of the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta  
Michael L. MacWilliams, Eli S. Ateljevich, Stephen G. Monismith, and Chris Enright  DOI // URL
Factors and Processes Affecting Levee System Vulnerability  
Steven J. Deverel, Sandra Bachand, Scott J. Brandenberg, Cathleen E. Jones, Jonathan P. Stewart, and Paolo Zimmaro  DOI // URL
Nutrient Dynamics of the Delta: Effects on Primary Producers  
Clifford N. Dahm, Alexander E. Parker, Anne E. Adelson, Mairgareth A. Christman, and Brian A. Bergamaschi  DOI // URL
Contaminant Effects on California Delta Species and Human Health  
Stephanie Fong, Stephen Louie, Inge Werner, Jay Davis, and Richard E. Connon  DOI // URL
Perspectives on Bay–Delta Science and Policy (Summary Document) 
Michael Healey, Michael Dettinger, and Richard Norgaard  DOI // URL


San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science is an open access, peer reviewed, academic journal that publishes research about the science and resource management of San Francisco Bay, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, its watersheds, and adjacent coastal ocean.  SFEWS is co-sponsored by the U.C. Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment and the Delta Stewardship Council.

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