California Water Fix hearing: Tunnel opponents request another extension

Motion requests the deadline for Part 1B documents to be moved to 30 days after close of Part 1A hearings

gavel_scale_of_justice_400_clr_2880The Central Delta Water Agency, South Delta Water Agency, and others are requesting an extension of time to submit exhibits and written summaries of testimony for Part 1B; they are requesting that date be set to 30 days after the completion of part 1A.  It is highly likely that others will soon be making similar requests.

The current deadline for submission of documents for Part 1B is September 1st; however, the current hearings underway for Part 1A are currently scheduled to continue well past that date.

The motion cites fundamental fairness, noting that the petitioners are currently in the process of putting on their cases-in-chief, and this has demanded their full attention and participation.

While Part 1A has proceeded, the conditions under which the proposed changes in water rights would occur has continued to evolve,” the motion states.  “For instance, the CWF Draft Biological Assessment was issued the last week in July .. while the CWF hearing was underway.  The BA is over 1,300 pages and contains critical information that pertains to Part 1 issues.  Protestants have not had an adequate opportunity to review the BA with the necessary technical experts, and will not have time for this to occur prior to September 1st.”

The motion is requesting the schedule be modified to allow protestants to submit their cases in chief no later than thirty days after completion of Part 1A of the hearing.

Click here to read the motion:  Protestants CDWA SDWA Lafayette Ranch Heritage Lands Mark Bachetti Farms and Rudy Mussi Investments L.P. Request for an Extension of Time

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