DWR and Reclamation write State Water Board, request delay in California Water Fix hearings

In a letter responding to the State Water Resources Control Board’s pre-hearing conference ruling and requesting further clarification on some items contained therein, the Department of Water Resources and the Bureau of Reclamation have requested an extension of time to prepare for the California Water Fix hearings:

” … Petitioners respectfully request that the Board extend by 30 days the deadline for Petitioners’ submittal of written testimony, to March 31, and that the Board postpone the start of the hearing to May 5, 2016. The additional time will help Petitioners prepare to present on issues associated with an expanded scope of Part 1 and to coordinate with other parties on those issues.  Separate and apart from any expanded scope of Part 1, however, an additional 30 days will enable Petitioners to be better coordinated with other parties, and will enable Petitioners to present a thorough and orderly case-in-chief and to be responsive to the Ruling. Also, as the Board notes in its Ruling, a protest resolution period would help “fill information gaps, narrow the focus of the hearing issues, and increase the efficiency of the hearing.” The requested extension of time would facilitate an additional protest resolution period, which Petitioners believe could result in the resolution of several existing protests. … “

Read the full letter here.

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