Governor Brown’s inaugural address briefly mentions water; generates a trickle of reactions …

Gov Brown inauguration 2Today, Governor Brown Jr. took the oath of office as Governor of California for the fourth time, and delivered his inaugural address in the Assembly Chamber.  At two points in his address, he briefly discussed water:

… We also have the people to thank for Propositions 1 and 2, which save water and money and prepare us for an uncertain future. These are measures that nearly every Democrat and Republican voted to put on the ballot and nearly 70 percent of voters ultimately approved. And I’m proud to report that as a result, by the end of the year, we will be investing in long overdue water projects and saving $2.8 billion in the state’s new constitutionally protected Rainy Day Fund. … “

” … We must also deal with longstanding infrastructure challenges. We are finally grappling with the long-term sustainability of our water supply through the recently passed Proposition 1 and our California Water Action Plan. …

Click here to read Governor Brown’s full inaugural address.

Governor Brown’s speech generated a handful of reactions from water interests and tunnel opponents.  Here they are, listed in alphabetical order:

From the California Alliance for Jobs:

Governor takes aim at infrastructure needs

CA Alliance for Jobs logoAlliance Executive Director Jim Earp welcomed the Governor’s comments:

“We are looking forward to work beginning this year on long-needed water infrastructure projects that are part of the Governor’s California Water Action Plan, including fixing the state’s main water distribution through the Delta and supporting key projects funded by Proposition 1. We also support the visionary high-speed rail project that officially breaks ground tomorrow.

And we will work closely with the Administration and the Legislature to help build the bipartisan consensus the Governor has called for to determine a plan to finally begin addressing the $59 billion in deferred maintenance and upkeep to our roads, highways and bridges.”

Source: Governor takes aim at infrastructure needs

From Restore the Delta:

Tunnel Critics Call Upon Gov. Brown: Inaugurate a New Water Solution; BDCP is Doomed

restore the deltaRestore the Delta (RTD), opponents of Gov. Brown’s rush to build water export Tunnels that would drain the Delta and doom sustainable farms, salmon and other Pacific fisheries, today called on Gov. Brown to “inaugurate a new, sustainable water solution, and abandon the doomed BDCP tunnels, which violate the Clean Water Act, degrade Delta families’ drinking water, and threaten salmon extinction,” said Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, executive director of RTD.

“For $67 billion, Californians get no new water, lose our fisheries and spend generations paying to subsidize huge, unsustainable industrial agriculture on unsuitable, drainage impaired Westside San Joaquin Valley lands.  That money would be better spent on alternatives that will make  more water available to all Californians: recycling, storm water capture, conservation, groundwater cleanup and recharge etc. It’s time for a new, sustainable solution that makes new water, creates long-term jobs, promotes regional water independence and preserves fisheries and sustainable farms.” … “

Continue reading from Restore the Delta here:  Tunnel Critics Call Upon Gov. Brown:
Inaugurate a New Water Solution; BDCP is Doomed

From the Southern California Water Committee:

Southern California Water Committee reacts to Governor Brown’s inaugural address

scwc logoGovernor Jerry Brown highlighted California’s need for a long-term, sustainable water supply in his inaugural address today, noting the importance of recently-passed Proposition 1 and the California Water Action Plan. The California Water Action Plan, released last year, identifies key steps to meeting the state’s water needs—from the Bay Delta Conservation Plan to cleaning up local groundwater basins.

“Southern California Water Committee commends Governor Brown for his commitment to securing reliable, safe water supplies for the state, and we support continued progress this year in implementing the California Water Action Plan. There is no single solution to California’s complex water supply challenges—we need smart policies, more local water supplies, increased conservation, and we absolutely need to fix our statewide water distribution system. The California Water Action Plan embraces a comprehensive approach, advancing long-term strategies, including the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, improved drought protection and local water projects throughout the state.”

Richard Atwater
Executive Director
Southern California Water Committee

Source: SCWC Reacts to Gov. Jerry Brown’s Fourth Inaugural Address

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