Diving into groundwater – what’s left of it

From yours truly, posted at Capitol Weekly:

capitol weekly“As the warm temperatures melt California’s meager snowpack, turning rivers into streams and streams into mere trickles, communities and farmers across the state will be increasingly turning to groundwater to meet customer demand and to keep crops and livestock alive.

But there’s a problem: Many will be drawing from aquifers already depleted and long under stress as groundwater levels in many basins across the state are at historic lows.

Groundwater is a critical component of the California’s overall water supply, providing 40% of the state’s water in average years and up to 60% or more in dry ones. Some communities rely solely on groundwater, some only on surface water, and others on a combination of both. Additionally, millions of rural residents rely on domestic wells for their homes.  Overall, about 85% of all Californians rely on groundwater for at least a portion of their water supply. … “

Continue reading at Capitol Weekly here: Diving into groundwater — what’s left of it

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