Second draft of the Delta Science Plan now posted

Delta Science Plan coverThe second draft of the Delta Science Plan has now been posted at the Delta Stewardship Council website and is available for public comment.

The Delta Science Plan is being developed by the Delta Science Program to create a scientific infrastructure that will provide the timely and relevant scientific information to decision makers that is needed for making effective policy and management decisions.  It is the first part of a three-part overall science strategy for the Delta that includes a scientific action agenda and an updated summary and synthesis of the current scientific state of knowledge for the Delta.

The Delta Science Plan defines the vision for Delta science as such:

This plan lays the foundation for achieving a shared vision for Delta science, ‘One Delta, One Science’ –  an open Delta science community that works together to build a shared body of scientific knowledge. Transitioning from a paradigm of scientists operating in agency and program silos, an open science community will have the capacity to adapt and inform future water and environmental decisions across multiple organizations and programs. It does not mean that the mandates of agencies are compromised, regulatory responsibilities are diminished, or bottom-up mechanisms for shaping the science community are lost. In fact, it is an essential intention of the Delta Science Plan to augment and build on existing efforts and improve the existing science infrastructure where synergies within the science community can be achieved.  The concept is to develop a culture that accelerates knowledge discovery through shared priorities, data, and models. Alternative hypotheses, genuine differences in scientific opinion, new technologies, and a range of modeling approaches are embraced and explored in a structured and transparent manner.”

Twenty-eight actions are specified that are meant to manage scientific conflict, coordinate and integrate Delta science in a transparent manner, enable and promote science synthesis, build effective policy-science interactions, provide strategic and topical support for effective adaptive management, and identify, maintain and advance the state of Delta knowledge.

This is the second draft of the Plan; a third and final draft of the Plan is anticipated to be presented to the Delta Stewardship Council in October.  The Delta Science Program encourages written public comments to be submitted to For comments to be considered for incorporation in the Final Draft Delta Science Plan, they must be received no later than Monday, September 16, 2013.

  • Click here for the second draft of the Delta Science Plan.

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