The Delta Stewardship Council issues statement on the lawsuits against Delta Plan

From Chris Knopp at the Delta Stewardship Council:

DSCLogoChris Knopp, Executive Officer of the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC), released the following statement regarding the recent lawsuits filed against the DSC seeking a redo of the Council’s recently adopted (May 16) comprehensive management plan for the Delta:

“As we’ve said before, we’re disappointed that so many have turned to the courts to reargue issues
that were resolved in the Legislature and before the Council.

Some are suing us for using powers they believe we were not given by legislature; others for not using powers they believe we were given. Environmental groups want us to be more restrictive; water agencies believe we’re too restrictive. The Plan, however, actually walks the very careful line specified in the Delta Reform Act.

These lawsuits underscore the contentious and litigious nature of current public policy making. They will not improve the state’s water supply reliability, increase the health of the Delta ecosystem, nor reduce risk to life, property and state interests. … “

Continue reading this statement at the Delta Stewardship Council website by clicking here.

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