WATER SMART INNOVATIONS: Speeding up innovation in the water industry


Paul Brown says three things are necessary to spur technological innovation: avoiding the optimization trap, removing standardization as a barrier, and reengaging individual citizens with technology At the Water Smart Innovations conference held earlier this month, the opening keynote speaker was Paul Brown, professional water resource planner with international experience in planning, development, and management for public utilities.  In his […]

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Israel-California Water Conference: The challenge of thinking one drop ahead


State Water Board Chair Felicia Marcus and Israeli Water Authority Senior Deputy Director Tamar Shor discuss water management in California and Israel On January 12,2014, Governor Jerry Brown declared the drought state of emergency, calling on all Californians to conserve water in every way possible.  Less than 2 months later, the Governor and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a […]

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Mary Nichols: Exploring the water-energy nexus

Energy and Water Use Sliderbox

The Chair of the Air Resources Board addresses the Southern California Water Committee on the potential ways the water sector can team up with the energy sector to reduce both water and energy use The water-energy Nexus is becoming a hot topic throughout the U.S.; but especially here in California where a multi-year exception drought have reduced California’s surface and […]

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California’s water future: Converging threats, strategic responses

CWPC David Wegner 3 Sliderbox

David Wegner says the assumptions of the second wave of water development are no longer valid; we must work together to usher in the ‘third wave’ of water Solutions to California’s water problems is going to take action on many levels: at the community level, at the county and regional level, at the state level, and of course, at the […]

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Randy Fiorini: The Delta Plan: Putting the pieces together

Randy Fiorini slider

Randy Fiorini, Chair of the Delta Stewardship Council, talks about the role of the Council and their efforts to implement the Delta Plan There are literally hundreds of agencies that have at least some responsibility for the Delta; the Delta Stewardship Council is the only one charged with developing and implementing a single blueprint to integrate and guide all actions. […]

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Phil Isenberg with parting words of advice: ‘Whether the tunnels are built or not, the underlying problems must be addressed’

MCWRA Isenberg Sliderbox

Retiring Phil Isenberg presented award at Mountain Counties Water Resources Association event Phil Isenberg recently announced his retirement from the Delta Stewardship Counil, ending fifty years of public service in a career that has spanned from being mayor of Sacramento, serving in the state assembly, to chairing the Marine Life Protection Blue Ribbon Task Force, the Delta Vision Blue Ribbon […]

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Dr. Glenda Humiston: One million more acre-feet of water per year …

Humiston sliderbox

Dr. Glenda Humiston shares her vision for how California can generate additional water and have a thriving agricultural economy at the same time In April, leaders and scholars from the agricultural, urban and environmental communities came together to discuss policy issues impacting California’s water at the California Water Policy Conference.  The conference, now in its was the vision of environmentalist […]

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Secretary John Laird: An argument for the Delta tunnels: Essential truths and myths about California water

CW Water 2016 Laird Sliderbox

Secretary John Laird argues in his keynote address at Capitol Weekly’s Water 2016 conference: “Given the truths and given the myths, it probably means that some iteration or the current iteration of the Water Fix is really the best alternative that meets them all,” he says. The Capitol Weekly Water 2016 conference, held on April 28th, brought together a lively […]

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Felicia Marcus: California Water 2016 and beyond: ‘It’s a steep hill but we can get there if … ‘

MARCUS Cal Water Policy 25 April 20 2016_Page_40

Felicia Marcus addresses the California Water Policy Conference, emphasizing the need for people skills to face the future: “It has to be convergence over conflict or we won’t make it,” she says. The California Water Policy Conference, held in April in Davis, brought together leaders from the agricultural, urban and environmental communities to discuss policy issues impacting California’s water.  The […]

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Dr. Peter Gleick: The (past, present, and) future of water

PCL Gleick Sliderbox

Dr. Gleick shares his vision for a sustainable water future for California, and gives his recommendations on how to achieve it At the February 27th Planning and Conservation League annual symposium, The Future Is Now, panel discussions and presentations focused on land use, water, and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The Planning and Conservation League is a non-profit organization […]

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