How the San Francisco Bay Regional Monitoring Program integrates research and monitoring of mercury and methylmercury

Golden Gate Bridge Wikimedia David Ball

Dr. Jay Davis highlights studies to determine where the greatest potential exists to address methylmercury in the San Francisco Bay The Regional Monitoring Program (RMP) for the San Francisco Bay is a collaborative partnership between the San Francisco Estuary Institute, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and the regulated discharger community to provide the scientific foundation to manage water quality […]

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Adaptive management of the nutrient problem in the Delta: Integrating science and policy

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Dr. Lisa Thompson discusses the upgrades to Sacramento’s wastewater treatment plant; highlights a new study on the effects of wastewater effluent on phytoplankton In 2010, the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District was issued stringent new treatment requirements from the State Water Resources Control Board that required them to make significant upgrades to their wastewater treatment plant by 2021-2023. At the […]

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Large coalition of interest groups send letters to State Water Board and US EPA urging the feds to step in and set new Bay-Delta water quality standards by the end of 2017

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“There is more than enough information available for the Board to adopt scientifically justified, more protective new standards,” the letters state Wednesday, a large coalition of conservation, fishing, recreational, and tribal organizations sent letters to the State Water Resources Control Board and to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, urging completion of the Bay Delta’s water quality control plan by the end […]

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Legal panel: You Mean Just Having a Water Right Isn’t Good Enough?

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How the ESA, Streambed Alteration Agreements, and the Clean Water Act Are All Curtailing the Exercise of Water Rights Recent court cases and regulatory changes have had major effects on the ability to for diverters to exercise their water rights, even those long-held.  At the ACWA 2015 Fall Conference held in December, a panel of lawyers discussed the issues, touching […]

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The End of Wastewater: Sustainable infrastructure for an urban estuary

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The end of the pipe solution means ending the pipe, says Dr. David Sedlak, but he warns newer wastewater treatment processes do present challenges Increasing demands for water in recent years have led to a greater appreciation of the value of municipal wastewater as a source of water, resources and energy. Coinciding with this change in attitude, much of the […]

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State of Bay Delta Science 2016, part 2: Water quality and contaminant effects on species and water supply; The Bay-Delta food web; Delta landscape restoration

Photo by Department of Water Resources

Stephanie Fong discusses what we know and don’t know about contaminants; Dr. Wim Kimmerer on Delta food web changes; and Robin Grossinger discusses restoration on a landscape scale The update to the landmark 2008 report, The State of Bay Delta Science, is due to be published later this year.  The update will highlight the latest research and developments in Delta […]

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Greener Products for Bluer Waters: California’s Safer Consumer Regulations

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New regulations shift responsibility to manufacturers to seek safer alternatives for harmful ingredients in consumer products The Safer Consumer Products regulations are the first of a kind, offering California the opportunity to lead the way in producing safer versions of goods already in demand around the world.  The regulations, which took effect in October of 2013,  require manufacturers or other responsible […]

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Environmental groups notify EPA of intent to file suit for violations of the Clean Water Act

Sandbars in the Sacramento River, August of 2014

The numerous modifications of the Delta’s water quality standards due to the drought are a violation of federal law, environmental groups say The NRDC, the Defenders of Wildlife, and The Bay Institute have sent a letter to Jared Blumenfeld, Regional Administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, notifying him of their intent to file suit for ‘continuous and intermittent violations […]

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State Water Board’s use of unimpaired flows in the Delta’s Water Quality Control Plan update disputed

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Water agencies say it’s infeasible; interest groups say it’s the most fairest and equitable approach A broad coalition of environmental, fishing, environmental justice, and tribal organizations which includes Restore the Delta, the Planning and Conservation League, the NRDC, the California Sporfishing Protection Alliance and many others (herein referred to as the interest group coalition), has sent a letter to Felicia […]

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