THIS JUST IN … Order Modifying an Order that Approved a Temporary Urgency Change Petition Filed by the California DWR and Reclamation

For the State Water Resources Control Board:

On March 9, 2023, the State Water Resources Control Board Executive Director issued an order modifying a February 21, 2023 Order that approved a temporary urgency change petition to modify requirements included in the water right permits and license for the State Water Project and Central Valley Project for the period of February through March 2023.

The February 21 Order determined that an urgent need for the proposed changes existed at the time the TUCP was filed and that the changes were in the public interest and would not have unreasonable impacts on fish and wildlife. However, as identified in the March 8, 2023 Bulletin 120 hydrologic forecast, hydrologic conditions have improved since the Order was issued and additional significant precipitation is currently occurring and projected to occur.  The State Water Board has also received public comments on the TUCP and a petition for reconsideration. Based on the improved hydrology and in consideration of the public comments and the petition for reconsideration, this Order finds that an urgent need for the changes no longer exists, the changes are no longer in the public interest, and the impacts of the changes on fish and wildlife are no longer reasonable.”


The March 9 Order an associated cover letter, and related documents are available at:

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