SAN JOAQUIN RIVER RESTORATION PROGRAM: Restoration Flows to be reduced and halted

From the San Joaquin River Restoration Program:

On April 1, Reclamation started deliveries to the San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors from Friant Dam. The Friant Dam releases for the Exchange Contract are anticipated to utilize most or all of the available channel capacity to operate and are not subject to the limitations of the SJRRP Seepage Management Plan.

Beginning April 5 at midnight, Reclamation will reduce Restoration Flows at Gravelly Ford from 425 cfs to 375 cfs, and then incrementally drop flows in 50 cfs increments until 0 cfs is reached on approximately April 11. This change is consistent with the SJRRP Seepage Management Plan and accounts for field measurements taken on April 4. Restoration Flows will not resume until there is sufficient channel capacity to operate below seepage thresholds. Reclamation will continue groundwater monitoring throughout the Restoration Area regardless of the quantity of Restoration Flows in the system.

The public is strongly encouraged to monitor flow conditions if recreating on or near the San Joaquin River. Although Restoration Flows will be reduced and halted, Exchange Contractor deliveries in the river will increase for several weeks. River water is particularly cold this year and currents will be strong.

Any questions regarding the Exchange Contractor releases from Friant Dam should be directed to the California Great-Basin Public Affairs Officer, Mary Lee Knecht, at 916-978-5101 or via email at

The Restoration Flow schedule will be updated periodically and is presented in general terms below for public notification:

Date Friant Dam Releases Restoration Flows at Gravelly Ford Exchange Contractor Flows reaching Mendota Pool
April 1 –
April 10
700 cfs increasing to
approximately 1100 cfs
425 cfs declining to
0 cfs
0 cfs increasing to approximately 650 cfs
April 11 –
August 15
1100 cfs varying to
approximately 2000 cfs
0 cfs 650 cfs increasing to 1200 cfs
August 16 – October 15 decreasing to between 700 – 1200 cfs 0 cfs possibly increasing to 100 – 400 cfs 1200 cfs, decreasing to between 0 – 800 cfs
October 16 – February 28, 2023 approximately 700 to 1200 cfs 100 cfs – 400 cfs Decreasing to 0 cfs


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