NOTICE: Notice of Wastewater Change Petition Checklist for proposed recycled water projects

From the State Water Board:

The 2018 amendment to the Water Quality Control Policy for Recycled Water (Recycled Water Policy) requires proposed recycled water purveyors to submit a wastewater change petition checklist (checklist) to the State Water Board to streamline the submission of relevant information to determine whether a wastewater change petition is necessary for a proposed recycled water project. The checklist is now posted to the State Water Board Wastewater Change Petition and Recycled Water Policy webpages.

The checklist:

(1) encourages early coordination between the proposed recycled water purveyor and Division of Water Rights, Division of Financial Assistance, regional water boards, and, if necessary, the Department of Water Resources and Department of Fish and Wildlife to ensure compliance with Water Code section 1211;

(2) identifies when the purveyor should submit the checklist;

(3) includes a flow chart of the 1211 petition process; and

(4) describes the supporting documentation needed for the Division of Water Rights’ review.

Owners of wastewater treatment plants that intend to recycle some or all of their effluent should complete the checklist and submit it, per the instructions, to the State Water Board, Division of Water Rights prior to requesting funding or permit approval for a recycled water project.

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