Website news: Coming up this week, plus it’s your choice … what should I work on next … ?

surveyOkay, readers, my list is long and there’s only one of me, so I have decided to see what you would be most interested in reading next.

But first, here’s what’s coming up this week on the Notebook:

  • The 2014 California Water Policy Seminar Series will be continuing.  On Monday, Tim Quinn and Jay Ziegler discussing restoration, economics, and infrastructure with Jeff Mount moderating.  The discussion was most interesting.  The remainder of those will be coming up in the next two weeks.
  • Capitol Weekly: A conference on water: The Delta Panel: Can there be such a thing as a Delta panel these days without it being a discussion on the BDCP?  Yes, actually, it can and it happened at the Capitol Weekly conference.  Felicia Marcus, Barbara Barrigan-Parilla, Lois Wolk, and Jerry Meral discuss drought in the Delta, and the future of agriculture as well.
  • Planning and Conservation League Symposium: What’s next for the Delta?  Paul Helliker, Jonas Minton, Doug Obegi and Don Nottoli discuss next steps for the Delta in this panel moderated by Martha Davis.
  • Water transfers:  In November, Ellen Hanak from the PPIC and Gary Bardini from DWR gave presentations to the California Water Commission on water transfers.  That presentation was then followed up in February by a panel with a very informative presentation they dubbed as “Water Transfers 101”.  Both of those will be posting sometime this week.
  • Plus coverage of a very interesting BDCP meeting expected to be posted mid week …
  • And coverage of the Delta Stewardship Council meeting, of course.

All of the above are a given.

So here’s your chance to fix my “to do” list.  Head on over to survey monkey and vote for what you’re most interested in seeing next.  Help me set my priorities.  You can also tell me what isn’t on my list that you would like to see.

Note: not voting for an item doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t see it … it just means maybe you won’t see it for awhile.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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