State Water Board to consider amending the Recycled Water Policy to address Constituents of Emerging Concern

The State Water Resources Control Board will hold a public hearing in October to consider adoption of an amendment to the Recycled Water Policy that would add monitoring requirements for Constituents of Emerging Concern (CECs) when recycled water is used for groundwater recharge.  The proposed amendment would not add the same monitoring requirements for recycled water used for landscape irrigation.

CECs include hormones, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, disinfection by-products, industrial chemicals, household chemicals, pesticides and metals.  They are generally unregulated in drinking water.

The State Water Board adopted the Recycled Water Policy in 2009.  However, the Board recognized that information about CECs was incomplete, so an advisory panel was established and charged with researching and providing recommendations regarding CECs.  Earlier this year, an amendment was circulated for public comment and subjected to scientific peer review.  The Board will now consider adopting the amendment at a public hearing on October 16.  Written comments must be received by noon on October 9.

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