Office Hours: Proactive groundwater management strategies with Maurice Hall

Maurice Hall leads EDF’s Water Program, focusing on developing collaborative water management approaches to meet ecosystem needs alongside the needs of farms and cities.

Accurate accounting of groundwater use is critical for effective management. EDF has co-developed an online water accounting platform, which is now being expanded through a partnership with the state, and OpenET, an online platform that makes satellite-based data on water consumed by crops widely accessible.

Listen in as we discuss OpenET, groundwater accounting and proactive water management to build resilience beyond SGMA.

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Thursday, April 7: Pacific Forest Trust webinar on forest management

Join PFT President Laurie Wayburn on Thursday, April 7th at 9 am PST for a stimulating conversation with three pre-eminent scientists with deep experience in the management and science of forest hydrology and watershed function – Roger Bales, PhD, Jerry Franklin, PhD, and Julia Jones, PhD – to discuss their work understanding how forests function as watersheds and the effects of land management.  Click here to register.

If you’re concerned about oil and gas drilling and groundwater …

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