SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY & WATERSHED SCIENCE: Interpreting correlations, Patterns of water use, Apparent seasonal bias in Delta outflow estimates, Nutrients in the Delta, and more …


Use Care When Interpreting Correlations: The Ammonium Example in the San Francisco Estuary
James E. Cloern


Patterns of Water Use in California
John Helly, Daniel Cayan, Thomas Corringham, Jennifer Stricklin, Todd Hillaire

A Survey of X2 Isohaline Empirical Models for the San Francisco Estuary
John S. Rath, Paul H. Hutton, Eli S. Ateljevich, Sujoy B. Roy

Apparent Seasonal Bias in Delta Outflow Estimates as Revealed in the Historical Salinity Record of the San Francisco Estuary: Implications for Delta Net Channel Depletion Estimates
Paul H. Hutton, John S. Rath, Eli S. Ateljevich, Sujoy B. Roy

Dispersion and Stratification Dynamics in the Upper Sacramento River Deep Water Ship Channel
Leah E. K. Lenoch, Paul R. Stumpner, Jon R. Burau, Luke C. Loken, Steve Sadro

Concentrations, Loads, and Associated Trends of Nutrients Entering the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta, California
Dina Saleh, Joseph Domagalski

About the Journal: San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science is an open access journal providing peer-reviewed research about the complex environmental and water management issues of the Bay‒Delta, linking new science to policy with great effect

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