NOTICE: Water Board posts document explaining possible curtailment method based on a water right Term 91 type approach

From the State Water Board:

On December 15, 2021, State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) staff will hold a technical workshop to receive input regarding possible alternative approaches to address severe water supply shortages in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta) watershed, including but not limited to a curtailment methodology similar to standard water right Term 91. The notice for the workshop can be found here.   

To inform the discussions related to a Term 91 like approach, State Water Board staff have developed a technical document titled, “Possible Curtailment Method Based on a Water Right Term 91 Type Approach” that was posted on the State Water Board’s Delta Drought webpage today.  (Document is embedded below).

The workshop is being held pursuant to direction included in the State Water Board’s August 3, 2021 resolution adopting an emergency curtailment regulation for the Delta watershed that directed staff to engage with stakeholders to identify and explore other possible approaches other than the current Water Unavailability Methodology and associated regulation that could be developed and implemented to address severe water supply shortages and related concerns, including a curtailment methodology similar to standard water right Term 91 that is currently included in more junior appropriative water right permits and licenses in the Delta watershed (with a priority date of approximately 1965 or later).

If you wish to make comments or ask questions during the workshop, you must submit a virtual speaker card using the online form in order to be provided access to speak during the workshop. Online virtual speaker cards were originally requested by December 10. 

The deadline for submission of speaker cards has been extended to 5 pm on December 13. See the notice for more information on how to watch and participate in the workshop.

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