THE CURRENT: California Trout at fifty; Ecological restoration of Cochran Creek; What the science says: Fish eyes; and more …

In this issue of Cal Trout’s The Current:

  • California Trout at Fifty
  • Legal & Policy: Funding for Fish, Water, and People
  • Ecological Restoration of Cochran Creek
  • Central Valley Regional Spotlight
  • Staff Spotlight: Analise Rivero
  • Spot Check: Behind-the-Scenes of CalTrout’s 50th Celebration
  • Partner Spotlight: Public Policy Institute of California
  • What the Science Says: Fish Eyes
  • Craig’s Corner: Chasing Brewer, Where the Peaks Had No Name
  • My Angle: Out-fished on the Pit / Five Rivers Challenge
  • Reflections: 2021 Photo Contest Winners
  • And more …

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