SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY & WATERSHED SCIENCE: Preparing for a fast-forward future; Salinity variation in the estuary; Juvenile salmon entrainment; Use of the SmeltCam for surveys; and more …

San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science
Volume 19, Issue 2 | June 2021 


In Honor of Dr. Larry R. Brown
Bruce Herbold, Peter B. Moyle, Anke Mueller–Solger, Ted Sommer


Preparing Scientists, Policy-Makers, and Managers for a Fast-Forward Future
Richard B. Norgaard, John A. Wiens, Stephen B. Brandt, Elizabeth A. Canuel, Tracy K. Collier, Virginia H. Dale, Harindra J. S. Fernando, Thomas L. Holzer, Samuel N. Luoma, Vincent H. Resh


Ecological Effects of Climate-Driven Salinity Variation in the San Francisco Estuary: Can We Anticipate and Manage the Coming Changes?
Cameron K. Ghalambor, Edward S. Gross, Edwin D. Grosholtz, Kenneth M. Jeffries, John L. Largier, Stephen D. McCormick, Ted Sommer, Johnathan P. Velotta, Andrew Whitehead


Effects of Tidally Varying River Flow on Entrainment of Juvenile Salmon into Sutter and Steamboat Sloughs
Jason G. Romine, Russell W. Perry, Paul R. Stumpner, Aaron R. Blake, Jon R. Burau

Examining Retention-at-Length of Pelagic Fishes Caught in the Fall Midwater Trawl Survey
Lara Mitchell, Randall Baxter

Use of the SmeltCam as an Efficient Fish-Sampling Alternative Within the San Francisco Estuary
Brock M. Huntsman, Frederick Feyrer, Matthew J. Young

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