SF ESTUARY & WATERSHED SCIENCE JOURNAL: Delta smelt population dynamics models; Delta smelt entrainment; Detecting juvenile chinook salmon; and more …

In this issue:

Statistical Evaluation of Behavior and Population Dynamic Models Predicting Movement and Proportional Entrainment Loss of Adult Delta Smelt in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta
Josh Korman, Edward S. Gross, Lenny F. Grimaldo
Leveraging Delta Smelt Monitoring for Detecting Juvenile Chinook Salmon in the San Francisco Estuary
Brian Mahardja, Lara Mitchell, Michael Beakes, Catherine Johnston, Cory Graham, Pascale Goertler, Denise Barnard, Gonzalo Castillo, Bryan Matthias
Modeling Delta Smelt Distribution for Hypothesized Swimming Behaviors
Edward S. Gross, Josh Korman, Lenny F. Grimaldo, Michael L. MacWilliams, Aaron J. Bever, Peter E. Smith
Evaluating the Role of Boat Electrofishing in Fish Monitoring of the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta
Ryan McKenzie, Brian Mahardja
Re-Examining Factors That Affect Delta Smelt (Hypomesus transpacificus) Entrainment at the State Water Project and Central Valley Project in the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta
Lenny F. Grimaldo, William E. Smith, Matthew L. Nobriga

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About the Journal:  San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science is an open access journal providing peer-reviewed research about the complex environmental and water management issues of the Bay‒Delta, linking new science to policy with great effect

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